And then a new day dawned.

I took ages getting out of bed and dragging myself out of the house. I was tempted to bunk off and avoid it all.

It struck me whilst cycling that I could do something else instead if I wanted to, and considered what I might look to do instead.

But I chose to go in and practice some more.

I’m glad I did as it seemed to come easier today, I think I was being less heavy-handed so the centring went better, and more patient so I didnt start trying to throw until I was happy with the centring. I remembered to tuck i nthe elbow of my outside hand to stop it drifting and changed the elbow of the outside knuckle so it was more parralel with the side of the pot.

As a result the pots were straighter and they all survived. Some are better shapes than others, but I might finally be off the blocks and into the challenge…

And the sun was shining so mood much lifted!


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