I have christened the wheel, made a good mess – and struggled to throw anything half decent.

Having triumphed with my teapot in the summer I had expectations that I would be able to pick up again at the same level.

Sadly, this turned out not to be true and I’ve had a rather dispiriting couple of days struggling to centre and throwing wobbly pots as a result.

One initial confusion was quickly resolved – it turns out that because my wheel is Japanese, and they throw with the left hand out the direction marked forwards is the one I want, not reverse as it’s usually called on western wheels.

I had been inspired by another blogger (that google now wont find for me so I cant give credit where it’s due) but she set herself a challenge of producing 50 mugs all of different shapes. This seemed like a good way of getting going so that was my plan.

Despite my plans however, yesterday was seriously wobbly and only 3 out of 10 actually made it off the wheel vaguely straight. pah. Left at the end of the day not feeling good about myself, or my work. And my back was aching.

Tuesday (R) and Wednesday (L)

The one small triumph of the day was that I learned how to use the electric jigsaw no problem and chopped up some old bits of wood we had kicking around to make myself some batts.


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