In my old job I sat in a chair all day and waggled my fingers. I talked to people. I held long lists of things to do. I concentrated pretty hard. But it was not physically demanding.

Making pots is a different story. So far I’m only working with a pound or two of clay so it’s not that huge strength is required, but it is surprisingly physical. At the end of the day once tiredness begins to set in it can be hard to persuade the clay that i am the boss – it likes to wriggle around and take charge for once.

I imagined I would need to be fitter to to do well with the ceramics and imagined I would swim every morning. So far I havent got to the pool.

I have however fallen asleep with the light still on every night for a week, and spent the weekend grouchy with tiredness.

Yesterday was a breakthrough! The first day I was able to naturally stay awake until my normal time, sleep for 8 hours and then wake up feeling reasonly alert and re-energised. (I’m not a morning person so ‘reasonably alert’ is about as good as it gets first thing). Hooray.

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