I’ve had a busy few days – but none of it involved ceramics.

My photographs of the Lea Valley are going to be exhibited next month so I popped out to get a better shot of the new Space Studios building in Hackney Wick to complete the set. It was one of those bright crisp autumn days with every detail standingo out in technicolour. I enjoyed the bike ride along hte canal, got my shot, and then had a surprise serenade from The Fall – sounding unexpectedley brilliant – from these guys as they chugged under the bridge.


I was excited to discover Leos Carax’ has a new film out. Les amants du Pont Neuf is one of my favourites, so i enjoyed taking myself off to see Holy Rollers.


It is distinctly odd, and I still have no certainty regarding what it is about, but the cinematography is beautiful, and its extremely creative and inventive, the main actor is impressive, and it reminded me of a lovely early memory of winter trees spotlit in the dark by car headlights so it was a winner for me!

On Saturday morning I made some cushion covers, about which more later when the stencil paint has dried…

I also ended up seeing a documentary about Angela Davis as part of hte London film Festival. We’ve have various discussions about On the Road recently, so the 60s have been on my mind – this is a most welcome antidote to all that free-lovin chauvinist crap!


And then on Sunday we had our artist’s circle meeting. It was very gentle, we had a go round, we shared some of our work, and we made little lanterns out of cut paper. P is German and this is apparently THE seasonal activity for now, making lanterns to carry in the procession behind St Martin. None of us was too concerned about hte theological rigours of the piece, but we had fun covering hte living room floor in coloured papers and snipping away.

I’m off now to Suffolk for a fortnights decorating, so it may well be pretty quiet here – but I’ll be back to continue the story forthwith.


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