So, I’ve been in suffolk for a fortnight painting and painting and painting. I had 10 minutes of fun choosing 3 wall colours and 2 gloss colours, all farrow and ball colours but matched by ecos so they are organic and have no nasty chemical stink.

I liked how the wall colours turned out, but the gloss colours turned out to be too similar – maybe they look lighter because of the sheen? I nearly ordered a darker green/khaki colour and wish i had, but the place is rented out for holidays and i got nervous about using strong colours that other people might not be so keen on. Anyway, here’s some snaps of the work so far.

For a little light relief I also stencilled some cushion covers that share the living room with my lovely tea chest and it’s mysterious markings. I have another one on the other side of the room that says “nines or fannings”. I have no idea what that means!

There was so much work to do, and so little daylight to do it in, that I didnt really have time for anything else, but I did skive off for one morning to walk from Snape to Iken Church along the mudflats of the River Alde which I loved. I think there’s half an idea brewing in the back of my mind about the shapes of the little islands you get… but it’s nothing like formed enough to share yet. The fantastic lichen I found is easier to share here. I didnt take a proper camera so it’s not much of a snap but you might be able to see all the little dish-like shapes that it is made up of. I also have an idea brewing about clusters of satellite dishes and I enjoyed how similar these forms are.

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