I was very pleased to be invited to show my Lea Valley collection in the Autonomy Club. It opens this Thursday – which means that I am currently deep in thoughts about picture hooks and mirror plates and the colour of mounts, never mind the primary-school-style angst about the launch on Thursday. Still, hopefully by then I’ll have got all the practicalities sorted out and lots of lovely people will come along for a drink and a gander on Thursday. See you there?!

A photographic Exhibition by Jane Sarre
Opening Event: Thursday 1st November 2012
This exhibition shows a selection from an extensive series of documentary photographs that chart change in the Lea Valley from 2008 to 2012 and updated to include pictures taken after the  games. Captured on annual walks around the boundary of the Olympic site these images track the line of the blue fence as it demarcated and closed the site to local usage. In an area once characterised by industrial grime and graffiti being reclaimed by the first growth of a wilder nature we now see a complex and ambivalent pattern of growth and decline, commerce and community.
Angel Alley
84b Whitechapel High Street
London E1 7QX

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 12 noon to 6pm
Sunday 12 noon to 4pm


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