I went to Made London on Sunday, after an epic ride on the 205 with a knitting friend.

I enjoyed the mix and variety of work displayed (but also noticed the layout of stands that gave some people nowhere to be). The upper galleries were certainly more pleasant spaces with the natural light and no battle-ship grey, but the quality of work through was very good. Several of the exhibitors I commented on said how well it was going, with lots of sales in the first days, and that it was very friendly.

Ceramics-wise Alex McCarthy was interesting for his use of dribble lustre glazes (similar to something I have developing in the back of my mind…)

Sara Moorhouse‘s fantastic zinging colours were lovely – as is her card describing her as ‘artist and colour-practitioner’ – what a great title!


Alison Graham was doing interesting things with monoprinted textiles that were very interesting, but my computer has become alergic to java or something and won’t access her site so I cant show you any here. Check here out here.

Jennifer Cobham also had some work that appealed to me, particularly the simple forms with more minimal decoration like this one below. I’ve had lines like this on my mind for a while, but not sure how best to make them. Should have asked her!

I also particularly enjoyed the jewellery that people were showing, including my studio-mate Buddug’s work as part of the Dialogue Collective.

Helen Noakes had some very entertaining pieces with swimmers or penguins embedded, which I loved despite just having told my friend that I didnt ever like plastic jewellery!

I also loved the Mexicanidad splendour of Catriona Faulker‘s medals and other pieces – seriously tempting!


Phiona Richards had some great necklaces with cords made from contemporary tatting that looped and twizzled as they went. She kindly showed us how it was done but it’s still a total mystery to me!

And finally… I also loved Ann Nazareth‘s work, such a lovely organic colour and texture, making objects of beauty from humber materials and subjects, I wanted the whole lot!

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