Some of my work finally made it into the kiln last weekend for a first bisque firing:

  • The top choices from my first 50
  • several of the variations
  • a set of very rough pots made from different wieghts of clay to gauge final sizes

I was sharing the firing with one of others from the studio, she did the programming and took them up to 1000.

Here’s some of the results (and my bit of the studio in the background).

To trial some glazes I then added the weight gauge series to Meg’s glaze firing, which she did to 1220.

I had ordered the materials for a gloss white and matt black glazes, but then found I had mistakenly ordered the wrong sort of feldspar so couldn’t make up the white. Meg loaned me her gloss white and I did some trials with the matt black, which is just managese oxide and china clay. The small ones were dipped, and the larger ones I painted on with a finger.

As you can see it’s not very black and not entirely matt- but it is quite interesting with it’s metallic fluxing effects. Mio has apparently used the same recipe as well with no trouble so I suspect that it may need a hotter firing.

One additional question remains – manganese dioxide is very toxic in its raw state – is it still toxic when part of a fired glaze??? Will have to find out before I do much more with it…


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