Our open studio is fast approaching at the end of the month, so I have been working on my ribbed mugs, some jewllery and some christmas decorations to show/sell.

For the christmas decs I made flat ‘baubles’ with a whole range of different words printed on, all things associated with christmas, some tradtional:

And some less so:

I had great fun thinking up all the different words, about 50 so far, and would love to hear what other people’s word associationss would be.

The first batch went into the kiln for bisque firing on Friday night. I got to pack my own work so that’s another step (slightly) de-mystified. 

This firing was shared with Mio, who bisque fires to 800 partly to save energy and partly because it makes it easier to sand out any imperfections afterwards, I’ve not fired that low before so treating it as a bit of an experiment!


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