It turns out that having an open studio is exciting! I wasnt expecting that. The day before was rather a stressful aeon of endless cleaning and haggling over display spaces and storage and last minute shopping expeditions to by cloth to cover up work benches, but the day itself I enjoyed.

It was lovely to welcome friends to the space for the first time, and I was impressed how many people trekked up to the 7th floor after seeing our flyers in the neighbouring market.

I hadnt been convinced I was ready to show my work at this point, and had to work quicker than I would like to get enough work to make a half decent show, but the opportunity was there so I joined in anyway. After mopping 3 times and hiding all the works department under the bench the linen I bough did a good job of covering it up. I also went for some festive decorations and lights as you can see in the pic above. I moved things around a bit over the day, so the green bowl ended up on the box on the extreme left, and a basket of necklaces was added at the end to fill the end of the bench.

A number of people (that I didnt know) said nice things about my work and a food stylist/potter asked for my card so I take all of that as a good sign.

Thanks to everybody who also bought some of my work. Calculating prices was tricky but actually sending it home with people is great!

In my old job I used to hate these sort of public events that demanded the making of conversation with total strangers, and I do still need to work on some good opening lines, but actually I found I enjoyed sharing the space and showing people my work in this context. Another sign that this was a good move for me. (Others this week include being asked what I was smiling about in the studio – when I was just getting on with stacking things on the drying shelves, and finding myself missing making  by sunday night.


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