I now have a live etsy shop. It’s taken far longer than I anticipated to make it all work and find my way around their system, but there it is now, ready and waiting…

I did read some of their seller’s handbook before I started – it contains some useful advice on pricing which I did use to calculate my charges. It remains to be seen about how all the jolly punters feel about paying those prices, I shall be monitoring that for sure.

For some reason I am rather nervous of mentioning the shop here, or publicising it to people who know me. Classic ‘is it good enough anxiety’ I think. Is it good enough? I dont know. But I’m putting it out there anyway. If no-one buys anything then I shall get some feedback that they dont think it is good enough for the price. That itself is worth knowing. Fingers crossed. It’s already interesting to see what designs people are looking at.

I also checked out other people’s shops to see what I thought looked effective. For example the obvious header seemed to be a picture of my own work, but then I noticed that the shops I took more seriously were those with more abstract/designed/evocative banners that said something about the maker but did not just repeat the work – which can be seen on the page anyway. For now at least I have gone with an image of some b/w striped textiles that I really like and which I hope tie in to the b/w colouring of the work I am selling.

The thought of shipping ceramics safely makes me extremely nervous, so for now I am only selling flat items, but I know I shall need to cross that hurdle at some point. I do have a rough idea how to do it, but dont want to commit to buying loads of boxes until I know what size the works will be – and I havent even designed them yet!

One step forward, another X steps to take.


5 thoughts on “New life on etsy

  1. Your shop looks great, Jane, and the work too – I like the monochrome look, it all goes together very nicely! I think online sales are more about people being able to find your work and appreciate it from a 2-d photo than price (my experience anyway), so I wouldn’t take volume of sales as reflecting good/bad prices! very good luck, carys

  2. I’m hovering on the edge of setting up a shop on Etsy, & feel exactly the same way about it all. Also, I really don’t want to have anything about selling on my main blogsite; I feel it would change the tone of it, and for the worse. I’ll follow your progress on Etsy with interest.

  3. Hi Jane
    I just stumbled across your blog while looking for info on plaster batts. It looks like we’re living a parallel existence!
    I set up shop on Etsy last year and am making (very) small steps- we’ll get there in the end.
    Best of luck with everything, you’re very talented!

    • Hi Kate – and thanks for your comment. In a great bit of parralelism I couldnt reply as I was off enjoying hte west county. Anyway, hope your adventures with plaster are working out – and that really trying brings success it should!

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