I started the new year super-excited! That has never happened before, but I was actually keen to get back into the studio and get making again!.

Just before the holidays I had got less keen on the shapes I was making and decided to start again. So I have chosen a new starting point, one of the mugs from my first 50, which was in turn inspired by a medieval(ish) brown mug in the Potteries museum. I have kept the jaunty angles, the articulation and the ridge lines but mine will not be brown. (It’s the one on the left of this line up).

I made some more mugs, both large and small, varying the proportions slightly, and then moved onto some jugs. They had to have different angles but it was pretty straight forward. Then I got into wine cups and bowls. Tricky. Some curved lines had to be allowed into the mix. It seems obvious when you see a set of crockery finished that they all go together – but whilst starting at hte beginning what it is that creates that feel of ‘going together’ is harder than I expected, particularly if you also want each piece to be satisfying in itself.

2013-01-11 14.11.30

In the end I gave up on articulations for bowls – it just created shapes like soup bowls with rims that i was not al all keen on. The lines moved around too, trying to find their home, and eventually settled at the edge of the base on the inside. Much more satisfactory. The one at the back on the right is the best so far I think.

2013-01-11 16.55.39

Today I was onto vases and more quandaries about form and proportion and ‘going together’ and functionality. The first 10 tapered inwards and then suddenly I got two that decided to go the opposite way, thats one of hte things I like about challenging myself to make number of different options – it forces me to move on and try new things that intially I was not keen on. ‘m not totally convinced by any of them. Will see how they look dry/fired… Maybe I need to try another dozen??

2013-01-11 15.38.26

One thing I did enjoy about them was the way they changed how I noticed all the towers on the horizon looking out from the balcony. Suddenly the shard & the gerkin & co have become another huddle of vases!

Beyond constructing my range that goes together I am also starting to think about how to sell it. I even put together a year planner and the first half of a business plan. I’m aiming to be up and running after easter with the new range online on etsy and to get a market stall regularly so sell directly so I can make the most of feedback from all those customers-to-be. Watch this space to see how reality matches up to the plans!


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