Being a bit of a hippy at heart I have been playing this year with Leonie Dawson’s Incredible Year planner thingammy. So far I’m finding it a positive experience. Hooray for hand drawn worksheets instead of boring cumputery forms. She seems good at encouraging you to really clearly express your goals and dreams – and then help you to work out what steps can be taken to actually get you there.

One of the activities is to decide on a word of the year and to make a collage of it to keep it in your consciousness. My word is:


I’m enjoying the sense of growth and expression and doing well it brings – but also the sense of doing it with a bit of pizazz.

The collage I made for it is above and now in pride of place next to my desk. It is composed in a sort of spiral radiating out from a central point illustrated with lights and a small image that comes from an old collage I did last year for one bit of the artist’s way. This one seems much clearer and bolder, happier with itself and getting on with it in a big way. Hooray!

collage 2 sm


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