The current ceramics are in the kiln and it’s snowing – so time for some cutting and sticking at home.

i’m doing a course on surface print and ceramics at hte City lit at the moment, with tutor Rober Cooper. 

He muttered about setting us homework, but didnt actually set it – which was nice. However he did mention the value of putting together some sort of personal palette of colours and textures in whatever form. This idea stuck, and given that I am about to choose colours for my new range also timely.

Whilst I was cutting out images for my word of the year collage I also put aside images that appealed for my palette. Then cutting-and-sticking fatigue set in and I put them aside. Fast forward to me snow day and out comes the pile.


Interestingly, I noticed this snowy scene outside the window afterwards, found it pleasing, and then noticed that it contained several of my palette elements!


I decided to construct it as a folding book so that you could look at just one spread or open it out and see the whole thing.


Then I started grouping my clippings together.

First a pile of colours

Then a pile for textures.

Then a pile for composition.

Then a rather fuzzy pile for content/atmosphere/feeling. This eventually got clumped together with the textures pile.

Then the content of each pile was sorted to identify the major points

Then i got sticking!

Here’s the finished thing from the front cover on. I initially planned to borrow some type and ink from P to stamp out the text, but she was out so I improvised with some lettered stickytape I couldnt resist a while back.IMG_5735

Choosing the colour I had most clippings of first  – blacks



Then non-boring buffs


Then the cool turquoise / jadey colours


Then the hot reds


And then the not-so-plainwhites, not so many of these, so only half a spread


Leading us on to the composition sectionIMG_5742, which kicks in with aerial views, maps and other geographical imaginings

Then a spread balancing the tension between chaos and order (i enjoyed the arrival of a random price tag here!)



Then half a spread of more linear, but still expressive stuff, leading into the final section: feeling


This kicks off with a Gabriel Orozco assemblage. I like that it’s assembled, that it uses ‘worthless’ stuff, that it has a point, and that it has lots of lovely weathered textures – plus it’s on a beach for extra points


Next up more assemblages, exploring repetition, maximalism, atmosphere – and lots of circles


The next page is about richness of texture/surface/patina


Then a collection of linear images – interestingly all curved, using a lot of natural materials and light/shadow. Scissors were a minor theme here.


Oof! An explosion of latyers and lettering as texture


And finally, to balance out all the type…



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