Oops, I dont seem to have updated the blog for yonks, sorry! Lots has been going on.

first up, I went on a visit to Kate Malone‘s studio organised by the London Potters. I first read about Kate’s studio when I was setting up as it’s featured in a book and described as offering work space to a number of other people as well as herself. It’s only up the road in a little back street so I wandered past for a look and did some googling, but didnt find anything, so ended up suspecting the book was rather old and out of date. Ho hum. Anyway it was nice to get inside and get the new news.

Kate was very friendly and welcoming. She talked a bit about her work, showing us pieces in progress and those that had not been shipped by her agent (Adrian Sassoon!) to a big art show somewhere in europe, and then showed us around the space. She talked particularly about glazing and how she brushes it on very thickly to encourage it to move and describe the details of the form – onefinished (and apparently white) piece had at least 20 different glazes on!

She and her team had built up an impressive library of glazes, all using the same crystalline body from an Emmanuel Cooper recipe and then doing single, double & triple line blends using a range of oxides etc. Visitors were impressed with (amongst other things)

the moulded trays they used for testing a range of related glazes all together, the variety of colours and crystals that could be developed and the scale of the architectural commissions she is now worknig on.

I also took some simple but handy tips away – her precise and carefully worked up press-moulding techniques, writing out the test recipe and ticking each ingredient off as you go, and not worrying too much if it flakes slightly when dry as it can still adhere and smooth out in the kiln. Plus the reassurance of knowing that even someone with her experience hadnt cracked what to do with glaze waste – apart from turning it into black glaze!

Thanks Kate! And thanks to the London Potters for arranging it.


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