I have been busy working on my own glazes – as well as enjoying other people’s here and here

The chemistry of it all is still a bit baffling, but I am attempting to be systematic and learn something in the process as well as ending up with some nice colours!

As I am making tableware and am concerned that it is not toxic to those that use it(!) I am only using glaze recipes that are published as being appropriate for domestic use. Even in one book that gave me 13 different body recipes – so I tried them all! These three are pretty much matt (but smooth).

2013-02-09 11.08.26

There are a range of shinies, with varying degrees of gloss that are very difficult to show in a snap like this.2013-02-09 11.09.17 The last group are more opaque.2013-02-09 11.09.54

It turns out to be pretty hard to compare bodies without a colour, so I’ve now mixed samples of all these with the same oxide for comparison – currently in the kiln queue…

2013-02-09 13.33.25

Next us is a range of colours. I find it hard to work from the titchy photos printed in recipe books so am testing loads of recipes to see what inspires and what works on my clay…

2013-02-09 13.07.49 After my adventures with wieghing glazes last year I have invested in some better scales – seen below – and I’m applying Kate Malone’s advice in writing recipes out and crossing them off. In moments of obsessive systematicness I have even been using the pencil to point at hte recipe I am doing next as I work through doing all the measurings out of one ingredient in all the samples before moving on to the next.?????


The slips with 2013-02-09 13.08.07recipes on then become handy labels for taping onto the jars/tubs in which the samples are stored.

Hopefully the first batch will get into the kiln this week so I’ll update here with the results.

Until then I can share a more instant colour hit provided by my new sidelineIMG_6009 – lots of lovely colour and no mystery about how they’ll turn out!


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