I had the opportunity to go down to Devon this week and stay on the farm where my mum’s family have lived for the last 50 years or so. It’s a lovely part of hte world I have’nt revisited for far too long, and it also gave me the opportunity to be with some of granny Sue (Bosence)’s work and things.

We found some curtains of my favourite of her fabrics whilst visiting Highcross House. I have fond memories of an armchair upholstered in this pattern that used to sit in the bed I used to stay in whilst visiting our grandparents as a child.


I also appreciated being able to reconnect with the the neighbouring flat that my grandparents later made home, and the area immediately around. IMG_6316

IMG_61842013-02-21 10.41.38


It’s an area that holds a lot of history for me, but also one that feels old in itself with all the craggy granite, gnarled trees, mosses and lichens.

I developed a bit of an obsession with lichens over the visit, not sure yet where that might take me… Here’s some I found on a witchhazel tree in the gardens of Dartington Hall.




The area is also home to lots of creativity. In addition to the star curtains I also enjoyed the show of Jack Doherty’s work at High Cross. Using only a copper tinted slip and one soda firing he creates the most amazingly rich, varied and lovely surfaces on his pots. This one wasnt on show but I particularly love the additional drama of that black rim.

We also saw a group show at hte Devon Guild of Craftsmen [sic!] where I enjoyed the ceramics of Sylvia Llecha (pic) and Rebekah Lockley as well as some interesting printed enamel work by Sue Brown.

2013-02-20 12.22.47

All told it feels like a whole heap of loveliness and inspiration – but also quite a lot to digest!

2 thoughts on “Detour to the old country

    • Thanks Pete. I hadn’t seen Doherty’s work before but am totally blown away by the richness of the surfaces he achieves with such a simple process – and some kiln magic. Leaves me wishing for a soda-firing kiln of my own!

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