Today this blog had its 1000th page view since I started! Feels like a landmark somehow, though I’m not sure what it signifies really…

The geeky side of my is kinda curious about these stats, so here’s what they say…

Apparently people have been looking from over 20 countries from Thailand and Brazil to Ukraine. I dont know anyone in most of those countries in the ‘real world’ so that’s surprising and lovely. Perhaps if you are reading from outside the UK you could say hello in a comment below?

The most popular posts are Minimal and maximal, new life on etsy and and 50 cups are up. The most popular tag is obviously ceramics, but after that we have how i did it, selling and colour.

Most people arrived via a search engine. So far the top search terms are all other artists’ names – until we get to “amazing ceramics”. I hadn’t realised I was in that category but happy to be there!

Interestingly (to me at least), looking at the click throughs, 4 of the top 7 are links to my website, my etsy shop, my gravatar profile and my other blog – thank you for the interest. Ian Starsmore’s ladders are also pretty popular.

31 of you lovely people are now following – welcome and thanks for the interest.

Ruth Singer is my top commentator – thanks for all the input Ruth.

Onward now to the 2000 mark. I wonder how long it will take…


2 thoughts on “Ooh statistics!

  1. Congratulations! I remember the buzz of that not so long ago. In fact it speeds up so the second thousand will come more quickly. Good category and tag labels certainly help, as does the stronger presence on Google which comes with more traffic to the site. On the downside the spam queue builds too, and I fear that that is where some of your more esoteric visitor countries come from! But basically, you have a good and interesting blog, and that’s what really counts.

    • Hi Pete, thanks for your comment. I’m enjoying writing the blog and sharing my adventures, so it’s good to hear that it’s a 2 way thing and you are finding it interesting.

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