Fanfare please! I have started trading at Broadway Market. It’s a very busy Saturday street-market just around the corner from my studio. Lots of the stalls sell nice foody things, but there are also several other designer-makers. Yesterday was my first day, and I was in between some guys who make lovely wooden chopping boards from London Plane, and an organic farm stall selling seasonal veg. Just before I started I also heard from one of my studio mates that Akiko Hirai also started out at Broadway Market, and recently showed at the Contemporary Ceramics Centre, so that is highly encouraging! It was a huge amount of work to get everything ready in time for the earlier start than expected, but fingers crossed it will work out well.

My friend Petra Hilgers kindly came and helped me set up, and then took some great pics – illustrating this post.


As you can begin to see from the photos, I’m currently stocking bowls in a range of sizes, mugs and wine cups in either black/white or black/white/crystalline green. Some small jugs went in to the kiln on Friday, and additional pieces will be joining the range over the coming months.

The weather was rubbish, so top marks to those who did make it out to visit the market, and thanks for the lovely feedback.

I’m planning to be there every Saturday from now on, so do pop by if you can. I’m in the schoolyard from 9-5.

10 thoughts on “And so to market

    • Thanks Debbie, I was pleased to discover that (apart from the cold) it was surprisingly easy. I dont think of myself as a particularly outgoing person but sitting there having people tell me hoe lovely/gorgeous/cool/etc things are was rather nice!

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