I have been told off by MR H for not marketing my self and the market stall suffiently clearly. We also managed to finish a bank meeting earlier than expected so I used the time to put together an emailing list mailout with pictures. My mail is online and doesnt insert images, so I ended up using mailchimp – mainly because it was the only one I knew of offhand. They have all the usual templates etc. Here’s the results.

The photographs I did myself with a borrowed set of lights & diffusing backdrop thing.

I can see I’ll be doing some work on a better header asap, and I’m not sure it quite counts as sufficiently clear marketing, but it’s definately a step forward!

mailing 1

mailing 2



5 thoughts on “New mailout: Now at Broadway Market every Saturday

  1. I love the photos, Jane, would love to here more about how you’ve done them at some point because it’s great to see how ceramics and photography come together and create something new!

    • Hi Carys,
      Without wanting to sound too much like an academic I think it probably depends a bit how you define “well”. Sales are pretty slow at the moment as the weather has been horrible and very few casual visitors are making it to the market to spend their readies. I hope that this will improve once the weather does. However – lots of the people who did brave it made nice comments which was lovely, and several took cards and I’ve had more traffic on the old website, and a couple of people looked very much like they’ll be back for something pretty soon. So all in all i’d say it’s promising so far. Will report back again in a couple of months when the sun’s made an appearance and people have got used to me being there and their loved ones’ birthdays have come around…

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