I made an effort to actually take some time off over the Easter holidays, baked my first ever simnel cake, and watched several episodes of Failure club.


It’s a self made series by Morgan Spurlock following a group of people as they attempt to take on what they really want to do in life – and risking abject embarresment and failure in the process – rather than staying stuck in what they are told they ‘should’ be doing. Well worth it if you fancy watching something and much better than about 99% of whats actually on tv.

Tellingly spurlock & co couldnt get it onto tv because the networks wanted it called Success club and a guarantee that everyone would succeed in 8-13 weeks. As anyone who’s tried this sort of challenge will tell you, it takes much longer than than and success is never guaranteed – indeed I’m not even sure what success would look like at this stage. But like the people in the series I’m loving giving it my best shot and seeing other people grappling with the process is inspiring and encouraging in itself.

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