It’s the craft show application season so I needed to update my bank of photos.

I was struck by the hopeful potter’s comments about reading Risatti and re-thinking the photography of functional objects and so wanted to at least give some nod towards the intended purpose of each piece. Actually I also found the inclusion of some props helpful with making more interesting compositions and giving some indication of scale.

Here’s the results…

jane sarre 1 jane sarre 6

jane sarre 4jane sarre 5 jane sarre 3

Petra asked a while ago how I did the photos – so here’s how:

studio set up

It’s a kit belonging to Steph whom I share the studio with – comprising this fold-out ‘tent’ a range of coloured backgrounds and two little lights. The tent diffuses the light and helps to cut down (a bit) on reflections which are a bit of a pain with shiny ceramics. The lights have halogen bulbs. It all packs up flat to about the size of a skinny briefcase so it’s pretty nifty. If I carry on doing my own photography I suspect I may end up investing in a slightly larger tent and bigger lights to give more flexibility but for now it’s great to be able to borrow this.

I have a digital SLR camera that I use without as tripod. Then it’s back home to the computer to tweak a bit and crop in photoshop.

I’m not entirely satisfied with the results (am i ever?)  – think I need some sort of photoshop training at some point… It’s all learning!

Do you guys out there do your own photographs or do you get a professional in?


4 thoughts on “More photography

  1. Those pics are looking good. I do my own but it is difficult to get a reasonable result. I also use Photoshop, usually to enhance the lighting/contrast and to crop or to cut out the object.

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