I met a lovely couple from Brighton last week. They were having a day out in Hackney and found my stall on Broadway Market where they bought a double-dipped green bowl.

It was nice to chat about Brighton as I used to live there and I was pleasantly surprised that people from out of town would find their way to darket Hackney.

They told me that they had had lunch at Railroad, a cafe nearby. It had been served on handmade crockery and they mentioned that they had really enjoyed drinking their coffes out of handmade cups. (I think that might have helped persuade them to buy some of my work.)

A few days later I got an email from them saying thank you and “your work particularly brightened up our day. You now have pride of place in our living room! We’ll be back for more next time. Keep up the great work its very special.” They also sent the picture above.

Well that totally made my day! Thank you M & J.

If anyone else has pictures of my pots in their new homes I’d love to see them.


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