Thanks to my mum’s detective work I got to see the Ice Age Art exhibition at the BM – after I thought it had ended. It was excellent. Lots of beautiful sculptures and carvings and engraved drawings all of mind boggling antiquity.

It also includes some drawings by modern artists, Matisse & Picasso etc, to make the point that art is intrinsic to the homo sapiens mind. Having those drawings somehow also makes it easier to really appreciate the artistic skills of those ancient people.

I particularly enjoyed some of the engraved animal images (that are not on the website dammit), a sculpture of a flat fish made from flint and found 200kn from the sea, and a tiny sculpted cave lion head the size of a fingernail that was simplified but still spoke very clearly of what it depicted. The Lion man – body of man with head of lion was also charming.

The museum geek in me also enjoyed the label for some carved diving birds that suggested that they might be deeply symbolic as the birds unify the air / earth / sea and metaphorically the heavens / earth / underworld – or might just be a small meal and a bag of useful feathers!

jae reindeer

Images from the British Museum website




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