Just come back from Collect. I could rant about the end of origin and the exclusivity of such an expensive gallery oriented event in Chelsea, but at the end of the day there was some amazing work (and not as much ‘off-the-wall conceptual art’ type stuff as I was expecting which was a pleasing surprise).

I came away feeling inspired. Here’s a collection of some of the things that caught my eye. So many lovely things I can’t yet sum or draw conclusions…

Not pots

Ernst Gamperl

Christian Burchard


Claire Malet

Matthew Harris

Tobias Mohl

Colin Reid


Joseph Welsh

Carina Chitsaz Shoshtary

Hisako Sekijima


Jun Mitsuhashi



Pippin Drysdale

Annie Turner

Tony Laverick

Yoko Imada


Sueharu Fukami

Claudia Lis


Nina Malterud


Kyra Cane


Ninna Goetzsche

Mette Augustinius Poulson

Jean-Francois Thieron


Julian Stair

Felicity Aylieff

And one from the project space – from his series ‘repair is beautiful’

Paulo Goldstein


All images linked from the Galleries or artists websites wherever possible



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