The title seems to vary in whether or not it mentions craft, but the show itself seemed to be about 3/4 craft makers in the lovely setting of Fulham Palace. It’s run by the same people who do Made and seemed to be running well. I went along as part of my campaign to find places to show next time around. I was also interested in checking out how other people are displaying their work in preparation for doing my own stand.

Lots of the potters seemed to be using tables/shelves of varying types and several looked far too solid for a person with no car to consider. I did however have a very useful conversation about all this with Norman Yap, (who was using glass shelves with metal legs). I loved his pots, particularly the altered bowls and the stoneware with the glazes reacting to oxides within the bodies to create surfaces with real depth.

Norman Yap



I had a good chat with David Worsley of Dove St Pottery, aka the hopeful potter, whose blog I follow. I got a bit involved in the discussion of the impact of standing up for the passing viewer and forgot to look properly at his work, but the glazes looked great and it was lovely to see the new bowls and jugs that I had previously read about. However it turns out we’ll both be at Handmade in Britain so I look forward to having a proper look then.

David Worsley


I also met some potters/ceramicists whose work I hadn’t seen before, including Jessica Jordan, who was creating some lovely rich surfaces with all sorts of found materials being used for impressions,

Jessica Jordan


and Lindy Barletta who was using some great glazes and found myself going home with one of her turquoise porcelain bowls with a fantastic rim, a bit like this one below, as well as a great mug.

Lindy Barletta


I have signed up to the artist’s mailing list for the fair and look forward to finding out more about it in due course.

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