I don’t know about you, but when I throw I get clay/slip everywhere – from my eyebrows to my toes. Not all the time, but often enough to want a good apron.

I have one a bit like this, which I was seen wearing recently and quizzed about. So, to share the quizzing results with anyone interested… It’s called a thrower’s apron, it’s handy for keeping your knees clean whilst sat at a wheel, and I got mine from one of the larger ceramics suppliers in the UK. Can’t remember which.

The downsides of this one, for me, are twofold. Firstly it was quite expensive. And secondly, it just doesnt cover enough. I’m 6′ in my boots and this one only comes to just below my knees, and it does nothing for my elbows etc.

My preferred apron is therefore something like this

The wacky patterns are not compulsory, but this split apron, intended for waiters, is much longer  and wraps around a lot further so keeps more of my trousers clean. Mine also cost about a third as much as the thrower’s apron, from a catering suppliers that I found online.

To keep those elbows clean I have an old Cornish smock a bit like this.

Even that wont keep the clay out of my eyebrows – I just have to try and remember to look in the mirror before I go to the post office (or learn not to care about the funny looks!)

(Thanks to Eastnor Pottery for the pic of muddy hands up top.)


3 thoughts on “The important business of aprons

  1. Jane – I sympathise. I also get clay in my ears, when I take my MP3 player earbuds out when the phone goes/visitors arrive.

    I have a home made apron with a big overlap across the lap. Then at the wheel there’s still enough material for each leg. And a cross-over strap for the neck so when I lean down I don’t scoop up water, clay etc. Copied from one Carina Ciscato bought in Brazil (!). Home made means you can make a really big one if needed!

    I’ll draw it up for my blog this week – thanks for the idea!

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