Here’s one that got away…

As you may have noticed if you’ve seen my work, it all has a pair of incised lines defining the form. After some experiments, two lines (placed to define the articulations in the form) seemed to do it for me. When I started making these designs I tested out loads of different ways of making these lines, from forks and sticks to various forms of modelling tools, and eventually decided that a cut out form worked best.

I use an old credit card as it’s firm but has a bit of give, mark up the negative of the form I want and then cut it out with scissors.

The first one I did got lost, so these pics are of the second one I made. I went all out on this one and even filed down the edges to give it softer corners.

Since then the first one has been rediscovered so I have two handy tools for making my mark.



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