I just completed my first restaurant order, for Michelin starred chef Nuno Mendes. This feels like a big step professionally, so I also put out my first press release. The comms team at the Corner Room were great in helping put this together, and it has just gone out. Even if nothing else comes of it the quote from Nuno is lovely and much appreciated.

In case you ever want a rough template, here’s mine.



31 July 2013

Up-and-coming ceramicist Jane Sarre is proud to supply her new range of tableware to Michelin starred chef Nuno Mendes for his forthcoming social dining menu at the The Corner Room.

The Corner Room

Mendes first discovered the range on Sarre’s regular pitch at Hackney’s Broadway Market and was immediately struck by both the design and the tactile qualities of the range. Mendes says “When I first saw her designs I was struck by the simplicity, honesty and beauty of the pieces and thought they were the perfect vehicle to showcase our dishes at the Corner Room. We always prefer to work with local artisans to add to the neighbourhood feel of the restaurant.” After a meeting to review Sarre’s portfolio and discuss the chefs’ requirements and concept for the new menu a commitment was made to create a collaboration between the two.

Sarre is based off Broadway Market, just a short walk from the market and Mendes’ restaurants. She makes striking ceramic tableware that can be used and enjoyed everyday. The Zinn range is inspired by traditional English country pottery the surface textures of the East London landscape. Each piece is individually made. Like artisanal food, these hand-crafted pieces bring quality, integrity, pleasure and personal narratives into daily life. She said “I am over the moon to have my work being used in the Corner Room. Their social dining concept is a perfect match for my own philosophy of pots that make connections, and as a new ceramicist I am very excited to have Mendes champion my work in this way”.

The Corner Room is an intimate bistro-style dining experience at the Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green Town Hall and offers informal dining in a stylish space with dishes created by Mendes.Since Mendes opened Viajante in March 2010, he has received wide spread acclaim from critics and foodies alike. The Corner Room further demonstrates Mendes’ passion for food with his simple yet exquisite dishes. Offering a simple and affordable menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, dishes change weekly, enabling Viajante-trained chefs to constantly create and inspire using fresh seasonal ingredients under the guidance of Mendes.

The collaboration brings together the best ingredients, the work of skilful and inventive chefs and unique hand-crafted tableware in a celebration of East London’s creativity and food culture. Together they provides diners with a friendly, social and most of all memorable multi-sensory experience.



After a successful first career in museums, Jane Sarre has followed her creative passions to focus on ceramics. Largely self-taught she set up studio off Broadway Market in 2012 and created the tableware range in early 2013.

This is her first restaurant commission and has two phases. In the first phase Mendes ordered a supply of her standard tableware items for use in The Corner Room. In the second phase she will create a series of new plates specially commissioned for the restaurant.

Enjoying the connections with customers, she sells the range directly at a pitch on Hackney’s Broadway Market, and will be appearing at Handmade in Britain and other major craft events.



Jane Sarre

Contact details: Studio 74, Regent Studios, 8 Andrews Rd, London,

E8 4QN

phone number

email address


 Market: Broadway Market Schoolyard, Westgate St, London

Saturdays 09:00 – 17.00

Handmade in Britain Chelsea Old Town Hall, 8 – 10 November 2013


The Corner Room

 Address: Town Hall Hotel, Patriot Square, London,

E2 9NF

 Reservations: No reservations taken

 Seating Capacity: 30

 Chef Proprietor: Nuno Mendes

 Opening: May 2011

 Town Hall General Manager: Marie Baxter

 Opening Times: Mon – Fri: 07:00 – 10:00

12:00 – 22:30

Sat – Sun: 07:30 – 22:30


6 thoughts on “First ceramics press release – for an exciting order

  1. Wow, what a triumph! I think food looks so much more beautiful on a handmade plate and it’s nice to think that the standard plain white porcelain tableware in most restaurants may become a thing of the past.
    Well done!

    • Many thanks Jo. I agree with you – and it’s lovely to know that at least one chef does too! It’s interesting to be supplying a restaurant that is so close by, just a 10 minute walk from the studio. In pre-industrial times it would have been completely normal for local people/businesses to use the work of local artisans but now it adds another intangible something… can’t put a word to it yet, but definately something.

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