I applied for something a while ago and got turned down. Rather than get disheartened I decided to follow someone’s advice and “say yes to everything” – or rather apply for everything relevant.


And then all my chickens came home to roost. If you see any of my stuff on facebook or twitter you may have seen some announcements. I heard I had been selected for the We Make London craft market at the Thames Festival. The next day I heard that I would be showing my work at the London Potter’s annual exhibition. The day after that I heard my work would be appearing at the Handmade in Britain Christmas Arcade at Somerset House. I forget the exact order of events now but I think I then did a day at the market and got a biggish private order, and then the next day I had a very promising email about a second restaurant order.

Each one of these individually I am am excited about. All together, and literally all in one week I am ever so slightly overwhelmed!

I was tired anyway as we’ve not had a holiday since Christmas and have moved house and started regular trading since then – so was looking forward to our planned summer holiday coming up soon.

Now I have quite a long list of things to make and other stuff to get done before we go. Plus I am a natural worrier so this is all a bit stressful.

It is making me work harder and that in turn is making me faster at producing each piece – which is good.

I am trying to remember to look after myself so that I have the energy to do it, and after I had a smashing time recently working late to get orders glazed and in the kiln I am avoiding the late shifts and trying to be efficient during the day instead. This is mostly working. And the early nights help. I’m also trying to remember to enjoy it and not just turn it into graft.

I also found that writing down all the different batches I needed and when they needed to be done by and prioritising pretty ruthlessly has helped.

The first public event is the Thames Festival on the 8th Sept. I’ll let you know how it goes – and if I’m still standing at the end of it.

And as my closing thought, I would say it is definitely worth applying for lots of things and saying” yes”.

However, I’d also advise having a vague sense of  what is humanly possible and only exceeding it but a certain number of multiples might be a good idea??? Sustainability seems good at least as an aim!



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