This week marks my first anniversary in the studio. To mark the occasion I am having a little giveaway (inspired by The Hopeful Potter).

One whole year of my new life making pots has whizzed by so fast I can hardly believe it – and yet my previous existence seems way back in the dim and distant past. So much has happened as I have practised and practised and seen little peaks of improvement (as well as the less exciting plateaus), I’ve started doing the market stall and got a permanent pitch, met some lovely people, collected a surprising number of contacts through blog readers, facebook likers, twitter followers and mailing list recipients, been accepted for a serious craft show, got a big restaurant commission and the promise of an up-coming mention in a great magazine. Far more success than  I ever imagined. This blog was the starting point, and connecting with other blogging potters was my initiation into the ceramics world. Thank you all!

To take part please write a comment below, saying something about what you value about having/using hand-crafted items in your home.

Next Monday eve, after 7pm I will put all the names in a hat and pick one out. That person will receive a free mug – as shown above.

I look forward to seeing your thoughts!

Ps, for Facebook and Twitter people, please leave your comments on the blog page.

20 thoughts on “Celebratory anniversary giveaway

    • Hi Naomi, would you like to say something about what you value about having/using hand-crafted items in your home? It could be a general comment or relate to a specific piece.

  1. There is something so special about having handmade things in your home. I love that there are so many talented crafts people in the UK, such as yourself Jane, who create beautiful objects that have a heart. I’m not a big fan of mass produced products and would always prefer to have things that have been created with love and care x

  2. I bought a mug from you for a close friend to have as her mug when she comes over to us; sitting, drinking from it has often prompted conversations about the value of the unique, of the crafted and of the value of appreciating a singular object and the process by which it is made and by which you come to have it. A featureless, anonymous mass produced item would never lead us into such reflection. And it is just lovely to hold and use, so thank you.

  3. Using hand made pieces for serving tea and food are like having friends join in with the meal ! I enjoy cooking in hand made pots & looking at handmade ceramic pieces … ever since I made thumb pots from boulder clay from the side of a stream in County Armagh – back in the 1950s and 60s . As kids we begged that they be baked in the Rayburn stove … & enjoyed our success . Now in my 60s I enjoy using clay to make things but have yet to enjoy the wheel . My tagine cooking pot – coiled & with an egg cup syle top to it (not unlike those Irish clay pots of long ago) is an achievement & has been added to my collection of handmade pieces in my kitchen! “More power to your elbow, Jane ” & best wishes for another great year, Jenny M

  4. I’d say that having a hand-crafted object gives you something unique, and perhaps surprising, that can stay with you, provoking memories, thoughts, and discussions over many years. And if the craftsperson is someone known to you, or whom you have met… I don’t have many hand-crafted items, but right in front of me on my desk is a piece that is actually a hand, the impression in a ceramic star made by my nephew who I haven’t met yet…

  5. I am only a student and already give much importance to crockery. A friend brang to the bethnal green market (I am not sure what his proper name is) and saw Jane Sarre ceramics , I fell in love with the perfectly balanced simplicy of the shapes and the colors she chooses for her objects. I would eventulally love to buy a whole set of plates and mugs … for my future own kitchen when i start to work!

  6. Hi Beatrice, I’m so glad you like them. The balance between simplicity and complexity is important to me too – getting a result that isn’t dull but doesn’t go too far and become fussy.

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