I have been making dinner plates recently.

Having seen some handy hint somewhere I use a ‘chuck ‘ of thrown clay on the wheel head to support the base of the plate when it’s up-side-down being turned. This stops the base of the plate getting pushed out of shape.

Yesterday I suddenly realised I didn’t have to keep guessing how tall to make the chuck – I could just measure!

Up top is a pic of me measuring from my trusty stick to the centre of the plate and below is another measuring the chuck. These were re-staged so all a bit wobbly, but you get the idea.

Next time I might use my needle tool rather than the end of a paintbrush – that way I can go through the middle of the chuck to test.

2013-10-01 10.22.50(1)


2 thoughts on “A brainwave!

  1. I love “collecting” handy tips! Having never thrown a plate yet I shall store this one away in the back of mind until I do.
    I really enjoy reading your blog Jane, the life of a potter can be quite isolating so it’s nice to see what others are up to.

    • Hi Jo, thanks for your comment. I share a studio so it’s fairly sociable but still love to hear what other people are up to. Somehow I’d missed your recent posts but this was a good prompt to look. I love those weeds.

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