Last week I finally had time for a day off and took myself off to Farnham.

First off we had a lovely train ride, watching the sun and the trees and dreaming about new ideas I want to try after the holidays.

I met up with my aunt for a tour of the Maltings, a lovely old complex of buildings gradually being converted for various arts and crafts oriented purposes. They had various historic and contemporary works on display. I was struck by some tiny hand made buttons something like this…

Turned out they are Dorset buttons and Ali did her dissertation on them – ha!

Next we were off to the Ashgate gallery. I got rather stuck in the ceramics section but they had some lovely paintings and all manner of temptations. Those that particularly caught my eye included:

Katharina Klug

Emma Williams

Lucy Burley


Twisting jugs and vases by Paul Jackson

After lunch we were off again. First to the site of Farnham Pottery, complete with beautiful glowing bricks of the perfect colour, copper glazed roof tiles and hand made down pipes.

Last but not least it was a trip to the Crafts Study Centre. This was the main motivation behind my trip as I had seen very tempting photos of the exhibition “Setting the scene”. It did not disappoint. IN fact I found it nourishing and chewy, leaving me itching to make something a little more creative.

I loved Helen Carnac’s work, as well as the objects she found and the way they were all brought together.

Helen Carnac enamel and installation

Paul Scott’s printing was as brilliant as ever, this time playing with dimensions and perspectives

Paul Scott

Rosa Nguyen combined ceramics, glass and ikebana in beautiful and surprising ways. I particularly enjoyed the glass vessels which obscured what they contained and the vase for a twig that had a special dish for the end of the twig to rest on. Such care and attention and purpose specificity for such a simple and easily over looked thing.

Rosa Nguyen

Helen Maurer curated found glasswares with light and shadows to create a fascinating and magical piece that still images really dont do justice to

Helen Maurer

It wasn’t easy to sneak off for an outing the day before our open studios, and with so much other work to do, but I am so glad I did. It was a feast of inspirations!




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