Happy new year to you all!

I have been having a proper no-work holiday for most of the last fortnight (hooray!) but did squeeze in one little creative project to get the new year off to a good start.

The studio pin-board got very listy towards the end of the year and I found myself craving some sort of weekly sheet for writing lists and dates & what have you on. Most of my work doesn’t have to happen on a particular day – and if I allocate it to a day I inevitably feel like doing something different when that day comes around – so conventional calendars are no use to me.

What I need is something with the days and a big space for the main action – the to do list – plus I wanted to include some of the better photos I’ve taken recently.

I started thinking about the layout in the computer… but it was too computery and uninspiring.

weekly planner rough

So I tried again using collaged materials

weekly planner rough

It was improving but a bit too busy – this is supposed to be the background!

So, one dark whet evening when I was feeling a bit fidgetty from too much sofa time I got the collage box out again and did a second, more restrained version with space for major to-dos and minor ones…


That was the fun bit. I was pleased with the result so I scanned it and then added a selection of photographs in photoshop, saving each sheet as a separate document. In the end I made 55 pages as I wanted one for each week plus some choice. That took quite a long time so I found some oddball radio programmes (including one about hand transplants!) to listen to while I worked. Finally they all went into a single document and got turned into a pdf.

Here’s the final planner. Feel free to download and use it if it appeals. I’m looking forward to using it, hope you like it too.

weekly planner

If you do use it I’d love to hear what you think of it – maybe in a comment below.

I did think about selling them, but for this year at least this is a free giveaway. If you feel so inclined perhaps you could make a little donation to Potters for Peace or your preferred charity.



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