I worked in museums for 15 years, and completed a phd, before realising that I really needed to be doing something creative and hands-on. This blog is the story of me making that transition.

I also do some photography.

My phd thesis is available online.

See my website for more on both…

Thanks for visiting!



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jane, I have found your blog via our mothers and grandmothers – my granny Marianne de Trey knew Susan and still lives in Dartington, and also was a potter – small word hey? I’m also making a transition from sensible job to creative work – here’s my blog – http://annadentdesign.wordpress.com/

    Lots of your questions and explorations sound very similar to mine – I have a list of some resources I’ve found useful on my blog http://annadentdesign.wordpress.com/recommendations/

    Good luck!

  2. Hi Anna! What a great connection, I remember being taken to Marianne’s pottery – and my parents have lots of her work. I shall enjoy following your story and all those parallels. Happy christmas.

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